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How DAWN, A Community For Women, Is Planning For A Sustainable Future

You Deserve To Be Paid A Living Wage While Doing Something You Love

2024 is the year DAWN is establishing a foundation for sustainable growth.

DAWN is becoming a thriving community!

Last year was about testing out ideas to see if there was interest in a network like this! Our events were amazing and it's been wonderful to see so many new relationships blossom from this network! It was an incredible year to experiment and learn from everyone in the group! We grew from 0 to 350 in the past year! We are grateful for every one of you and are looking forward to seeing you at the events in the spring!

Our Online Community Hub

Have you joined our online community? The platform we are using (MightyNetworks) was built by a woman to facilitate deeper connections for online communities! It's designed to help you feel connected between gatherings but it can also hold online courses, workshops, virtual meetings, and more resources for your personal and professional development. Jump in early, because it's going to be a place to get the latest news and special offers for members.

You may have noticed the name changed to Memberships by Elissa Kennedy. This platform holds DAWN and other programs that I run through my coaching business. The new name provides transparency around the platform. DAWN is a division of my coaching business.

Keep an eye out for workshops that will teach you how to navigate and make the most of the platform. The platform will help you stay connected between in-person events but you'll also find virtual events, online workshops, challenges, connection circles, and more!

Over time we will have a library of tools to help you with your personal and business development.

Our 2024 Plan

Our main focus will be on in-person events because that's what you all are most excited about. We are expanding our community with a focus on creating connections that are cross-generational and cross-cultural. We believe we can all learn so much by recreating the village. Each generation is valued for its unique perspective. We can learn so much by offering opportunities to share your knowledge and your cultural celebrations.

We live in a place where people come from all over the world! DAWN is here to fill a need for women who are transplants without family nearby or who want to feel connected and supported by other women. Through our connections, we notice all the ways that we are the same and honor and celebrate the beautiful ways we are each unique.

Upcoming Events

More events this year. We hope to double the number of networking parties, cafe meet-ups, workshops, adventures, classes, and other activities.

Look for the list of events on the website and in the online hub.

Events for February and March will be announced soon! I've been scouting locations for upcoming events! If you have a location you want to share with me, send me a message!

Membership Model For Long-Term Sustainability

Last year we learned that there is a need for this community, but we also learned there is a lot of work involved in building a community. Thousands of hours and dollars were personally invested to create this network! The goal was to test it for a year by investing time and money. Once the need was validated by 350 women, the next step was to make it a viable business.

It's part of my purpose to support women, so I am called to do this work, but I also want to be a model for other women. It's important to shake up the social belief that we can't charge to help people. That false narrative, given to women, has been around for far too long. And you have proof that it's not true with interactions everywhere in your life. You don't go to a doctor, who helps you, and expect to not pay for that. You don't get a haircut, a pedicure, or a meal and expect it will be free.

We all deserve to make a living wage from our work! And I will fight for that for each of you as well as for myself. Creating this network is something I love but it will need to be sustainable to keep it going.

A sustainable and regenerative model of business covers all the costs of the events, food, advertising, and online platform fees but also pays for the time it takes to do the work! By launching paid memberships and paid events you all contribute a small fee because you believe in the power of community. Your contribution is a vote that you want to be a part of this network and you want to see it succeed!

Our focus is always on accessibility, no one will ever be turned away and we will always have a free membership.

Why should you invest in a membership?

Because it's an investment in yourself! You deserve to be a part of a group that will support you with personal and professional development tools.

We'll be there to encourage you when imposter syndrome gets in the way, we will cheer you on when you get stuck, we will brainstorm ideas to grow your business, we'll be there when you get lost and we'll celebrate your wins!

DAWN has transformed lives!

New friendships blossomed, new collaborations were built, new connections were formed, and businesses grew because of our events.

A membership creates more opportunities for growth, bigger gatherings, and more workshops, classes, and transformational experiences!

If this is something you believe in too, we can grow this into something amazing together!

When you invest in DAWN, you are investing in the greater good!

You are saying "YES!" to yourself, "YES!" to personal and professional growth, "YES!" to all women creating financial freedom, and "YES" to being a part of a supportive community!

*DAWN is a professional membership - so remember to write it off as a business expense.

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