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Discover the Features on DAWN's New Website

Updated: Feb 3

Check Out The New DAWN Community Website

The Davis Area Women's Network is on a mission to help women in the local community.

Our new website will bring all of the incredible features of this community into one easy-to-find location! Take a quick tour!

Welcome to the DAWN community website! Take a look around and be sure to sign up for the community page.


Online Community: Sign up for the DAWN community to get access to all the features! Or click on the log-in button on the menu at the top of the site Log-in Here! Register for Events: Look for public events and log-in to the online community for exclusive events, workshops, and classes for members. Shop Local: Add your Company to the Directory for Women Owned Businesses and Support Women's Businesses. This area will be shared with the public.

Get Involved

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